Who can write a review?

You can write a review if you’ve had a recent, genuine experience like purchase our products, visit our store or conversation with our staff.

Reviews are your chance to share your experiences with others and give feedback to us. Size doesn’t matter here, we think all experiences big and small are worth reviewing — whether it’s a phone call, an online order, a visit to local store/online store or otherwise using our products or service.

When you share your recent experiences, other readers get a feel for how our store is operating now. And we get valuable up-to-date feedback to enhance the customer experience.

Which reviews are marked as “Verified”?

Only when you pay for the product on our website Printynana.com, and then review the exact product you purchased, will your review be marked as “Verified”.

We also send an email to request your review after you purchase our products, your reviews via this email are also marked as “Verified”

If you do not buy our prodcuts, you still can write  review about our products, our staffs and your experience when your visit our website. But in this case, your review will not be marked as “Verified”

Keep your personal information private

Your evaluations are visible to everyone. For this reason, sharing any sensitive or private information about yourself is not a smart idea, and sharing someone else’s information is never acceptable. We’re talking about phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, and any other information that might be used to locate, identify, get in touch with, or assume the identity of someone. We wish to respect and safeguard your privacy as well as the safety of others.

Check the product you bought

You’d be surprised how often people mistakenly leave a review for Product A on Product B’s product page. So before you post a review on our product pages, please double check the product page to see if it is the product you purchased

Edit or delete your review

You are the owner of your review. You can thus change, add to, or remove your review whenever you’d like. If you would like to provide more details about a specific experience, you are welcome to improve an already-written review. While it’s acceptable to publish many reviews for a product if you’ve used it more than once, it’s not beneficial for anyone to have a product inundated with reviews from a person.